Active in both Developed and Emerging Markets

✓ Foundation of our business dates back to 1996
✓ Existing operations in Asia, Central Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Middle East.
✓ Strong relationships with the main players of each industry we are in.
✓ Combining unique skills of key nationalities within our employee portfolio.
✓ Paying great attention to in-country market studies, analyses, surveys.
✓ Tracking travel patterns to understand target population’s evolving interests.

Excellence in Operations  

Strong and dedicated management team.

Tailored offering of both international and local products.

Five different business channels via Airports, Seaports, Border shops, Downtown & Diplomatic Shops in addition to import & export business of profitable int’l brands.

Vistros International Group of Companies is run by a group of entrepreneurs with a ‘can do’ attitude and a deep understanding of the business potentials, regulations as well as the intricacies of under-served and developing countries.  

These plus points furnish us with leading advantages in such challenging geographies.  

We continuously chase new opportunities to aggressively expand our footprint.